Michael Schmidt

Deputy Director
206.382.9555, x27 mschmidt@lltk.org

Michael develops and implements large-scale, collaborative projects: primarily in the areas of research and applying science to management. He currently manages the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project (7 years, 2 countries, 60 entities, over 150 participants), the Hood Canal Bridge Ecosystem Impact Assessment, and LLTK’s 5 field projects focused on stabilizing salmon and steelhead populations at risk of extinction and providing for sustainable fisheries. Past work includes coordinating the Hood Canal Steelhead Project (16 years, 8 entities, ~40 participants) and the US Fish and Wildlife Service Pacific Region Federal Hatchery Review (5 years, 15 member science team, 75 hatchery programs reviewed). Michael joined Long Live the Kings (LLTK) in 2001. He has a Master of Marine Affairs from the University of Washington.