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Sponsor, track steelhead as they make trek to Pacific (King 5)

Alison Morrow, KING 6:13 PM. PDT April 14, 2017.

“As juvenile steelhead make their treacherous trek through Puget Sound people can now follow individual fish on their journey to see if they survive.

The fish are tagged with acoustic transmitters like the one NOAA Fisheries Research Biologist Megan Moore implanted in a juvenile steelhead this week. It will send signals to receivers in the water so scientists know when the fish passes by.

“We don’t know why their populations have been declining,” Moore said.

Predators are just one of many challenges steelhead face on their way from rivers like the Skokomish all the way to the ocean. About 80 percent of them die along the way.

“The receiver picks up a ping from the transmitter up to 300 meters away,” Michael Schmidt said.”

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